The All-In-One Surplus Stock Solution For Fashion

FINDS empowers your surplus stock management based on data

Speed Up Your Stock Clearance Campaigns

Accelerate your stock and cash rotation

Increase resale margins on the off-price market

Get real-time data reporting on all your actions

Speed Up Your Stock Clearance Campaigns

✓ Accelerate your stock and cash rotation

✓ Increase resale margins on the off-price market

✓ Get  real-time data reporting on all your actions

Enhance Your Multichannel Collaboration

Managing unsold products means collaborating with a multitude of actors at once. We bring all your internal and external partners under one digital roof, making it faster and easier to streamline overstock to different circular actors. 


Optimize the revenue of your internal and external off-price activities


Make impactful donations by staying informed about NGOs’ needs in real-time


Instantly identify which stocks can be recycled based on composition

Local Solutions To A Global Problem

Fashion is a global market. As international brands, you likely have stocks in different regions of the world. FINDS helps you find efficient and circular solutions close to where your inventory is located.

Legal Compliance With FINDS

With sustainability being prioritized around the world by both governments and customers, brands need to rethink their overstock strategies. For each stock clearance campaign, we ensure you comply with the following legal requirements by enabling you to check all available reuse options:


Since 2022, it has been prohibited to destroy unsold textile products in France. Instead, brands have to resell, donate or recycle their overstock. 


The EU followed 2023 with an Eco-Design proposal that will prohibit the destruction of overstock in all member states.

With FINDS, You Will:

Save costs & reduce stocking time

Get more value out of your unsold products


FINDS Upcycling

OFFER - Stock Analysis

Sign up today and FINDS’ team of industry experts will perform a stock data analysis to define your needs and possible solutions. We help you define the perfect strategy for your company and deploy the FINDS solution even faster. 


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